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May 29, 2020

Unmedicated hospital birth | Waverly Wood’s Arrival

mom dad baby girl, hospital, family, newborn

This unmedicated hospital birth was just so much fun to be a part of. Samantha and Andrew’s family was all there and the room was full of laughter and excitement as they prepared to welcome their surprise baby!

Active Labor

When I got to the hospital, the room was full of smiling faces and Samantha was laboring quietly and chatting in between contractions. Andrew was right by her side the entire time – it was so sweet to see them work as a team. Birth stories are love stories, through and through.

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unmedicated hospital birth
mom and dad labor birth hospital
black and white mom and dad laughing hospital birth
unmedicated hospital birth
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Samantha decided that she’d like to take a walk and invited her sister to come with them. She was all smiles throughout her walk and took each contraction so peacefully. It was incredible to watch her labor and trust the entire process – women are amazing!

hospital birth labor support mom dad sister
hospital birth labor support mom dad sister
hospital birth labor support mom dad sister

Transition and Pushing

Back in the room, things seemed to be intensifying as we all knew baby was near. Samantha labored while leaning on the bed and bouncing on the birth ball. Her sweet nurse attached a wireless monitor to her belly so she would have more ability to move around the room and the hospital. I love when this is an option – it can make such a huge difference, especially when women want an unmedicated hospital birth.

mom laughing in labor hospital
unmedicated hospital birth
baby bump, mom and dad in labor hospital
labor support hospital mom and dad baby bump
unmedicated hospital birth
mom smiling on birth ball in the hospital
mom and dad during labor in the hospital
unmedicated hospital birth
dad supporting mom in labor black and white

After a few minutes on the ball, baby’s heart rate began to drop. Samantha’s nurse came in to direct her onto the bed and try to get it up. Samantha was clearly in transition and vocalizing through her contractions at this point. She laid on her side with an oxygen mask as her OB told her that she was fully dilated and could start pushing! I’m still amazed at how peaceful they both remained through this entire experience.

unmedicated hospital birth
mom in labor oxygen hospital
mom in labor at the hospital with oxygen mask
mom pushing baby out in hospital

Only a few minutes later, Samantha and Andrew met their sweet baby for the very first time…IT’S A GIRL!!

Waverly Wood Parker | October 17, 2019 | 6 lbs 14 oz

newborn baby on mom's chest skin to skin

The tears didn’t stop flowing after this moment. They were both so relieved to have Waverly in their arms after a few scary moments. And they couldn’t believe they had a second daughter!

unmedicated hospital birth
baby girl in hospital bassinet
baby girl in hospital bassinet
hospital bracelet on newborn baby girl
unmedicated hospital birth
mom looking at newborn baby girl at hospital
baby rolls on arms in hospital
dad looking at newborn baby girl in hospital
unmedicated hospital birth
mom and dad looking at each other in hospital
mom and dad looking at new baby
unmedicated hospital birth

After settling in and adoring their new daughter for a few sweet moments, Andrew went down to the waiting room to tell their family that they had a daughter!! They took turns coming up to meet little Waverly. It’s obvious that this precious girl will be surrounded with love her whole life.

dad announcing birth to family in waiting room
smiling dad announcing baby's birth
smiling grandma meeting baby in hospital
unmedicated hospital birth
mom and baby girl in hospital bed
dad and baby girl at hospital
baby girl looking at dad black and white
family looking at new baby in hospital
family looking at new baby in hospital
family looking at new baby in hospital
mom and baby in hospital bed
unmedicated hospital birth
dad kissing mom with newborn baby in hospital bed

Parker family, I’m so so happy that your girl is in your arms! Thank you for trusting me to capture such a special day in your lives!

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