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June 22, 2020

Nova Charleigh’s Arrival | Statesville Birth Photographer

mom and dad admiring baby girl

Photographing two births within one family’s story is always something special! But getting to photograph them only 15 months apart is extra special! When Nicole told me they were expecting their third baby, I have to admit I was surprised (but so excited, of course)! Now that Nova is here, I can’t imagine their family without her and I’m sure they’d say the same thing! She’s the perfect completion to this incredible family and I’m honored to have documented her birth!

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As her due date got closer, I remember Nicole texting me and telling me how nervous she was. She was having trouble handling the anticipation and not knowing when baby would arrive. I reminded her that she had done this before and she can trust her body. She was working with the midwives at Natural Beginnings and Chelsea of La Bella Birth & Baby so I knew she was in great hands with an amazing birth team.

I got a call from Chelsea on a Saturday letting me know that Nicole and her husband, Nick, were heading to the hospital because she’d had some bleeding. I knew she would be worried and made arrangements to leave right away. Once I arrived, I was told that thankfully it was just bloody show (a normal part of labor which usually indicates that you’re progressing) and baby was perfectly fine. Nicole was working hard and trying to calm down after a scary ordeal.

pink bow on hospital door, hospital birth
essential oils during labor
birth affirmations, hospital birth
dad supporting mom, statesville birth photographer
doula at hospital birth


Once Chelsea arrived (shortly after me), it felt like the tension settled and the excitement set in. Chelsea created a beautiful space with birth affirmation cards and Nicole continued to work to bring her baby down. She was already 6cm and things were happening!

mom in labor at hospital
dad rubbing mom's head, hospital birth
mom having a contraction, unmedicated hospital birth
mom holding doula's hand, hospital birth
mom and dad during labor at hospital, statesville birth photographer
midwife talking to mom at hospital during labor
doula supporting mom during labor, hospital birth
mom in labor, statesville birth photographer
birth team, hospital birth

Nicole relied on holding Nick’s hand and his encouraging voice throughout her labor. Chelsea provided extra hands-on support and gave Nicole ideas for ways to progress labor and stay calm. After laboring in the bed for a while, Nicole’s midwife, Jennifer, suggested getting up and sitting on the toilet through a few contractions. This is often a suggestion for mommas who’s body is getting tired or things aren’t progressing. It’s a great way to get labor to pick up and a way to encourage your body to relax, which is exactly what it did for Nicole.

dad smiling at mom during labor
dad supporting mom during labor
birth team with mom during labor in the hospital
statesville birth photographer
birth team helping mom during labor
mom laboring in hospital bathroom
mom laboring in hospital bathroom, unmedicated birth

After a few contractions in the bathroom, Nicole wanted to lay back down. Her birth team helped her back to the bed but before she made it there, she felt an overwhelming urge to push! Her body took over and a few minutes later Nova was born, right next to the bed! Nicole pushed her baby out standing up – it was so powerful and amazing!

mom leaning on dad during labor, hospital birth
mom and dad during labor in hospital
mom pushing standing up
midwife handing baby to mom at hospital, unmedicated birth
mom holding brand new baby, hospital birth
unmedicated hospital birth
statesville birth photographer

Nova Charleigh Tait | 8.24.2019

Being a part of this family’s birth stories over the past few years has been such an honor! I’ll never ever get over being a part of these incredible stories and seeing women find their strength to birth their babies! Love you, Tait family!!

family at hospital, new baby sister

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