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October 14, 2020

Ezra Gene’s Arrival | Natural Beginnings Birth Center

I honestly don’t know how to start this birth story. Any time I get to work alongside the midwives at Natural Beginnings birth center, I know it’ll be a beautiful, supported birth. But this one was extra special because my dear friend, Erin had asked me if I would be her doula! At the time, I hadn’t finished my doula training but I had done this once before for a friend and I was honored to do it again!

Erin started laboring at home while her family was in town visiting! Her sister, the one who encouraged her to look into birthing outside of a hospital, was there to guide her and encourage her as she labored. They worked hard at home over night and contacted me when they were heading to the birth center.

mom in labor, birth center

mom and dad, labor, birth center

When I arrived, Erin was very calmly laboring on the bed with Zack beside her, reading Scripture. Her sister was in the corner of the room. It was clear that everyone was exhausted and I was happy to come in and offer a new set of hands to support her. Erin continued to labor so peacefully into the early morning hours.

laboring at night, natural beginnings birth center

mom in labor, birth center

dad supporting mom, birth center

dad supporting mom in labor

dad kissing mom in labor

laboring at birth center

mom in labor, natural beginnings birth center

mom in shower in labor

As the sun rose, we all agreed that a change of pace would be nice. Erin got up and walked a little, bounced on the birth ball, labored in the shower, and eventually got into the tub. Things were progressing, just slowly, and she never once wavered from her birth plan. The midwives were so supportive and wonderful – I’m always in awe.

mom holding dad's hand, labor

dad supporting mom in labor, birth center

mom on birth ball, laboring

mom in birth pool at birth center

mom in birth tub, birth center

mom laboring in birth tub

dad supporting mom in birth tub, natural beginnings birth center

Erin started to feel the urge to push so her sister offered to take my camera off my hands so I could focus on my role of doula. She wanted a water birth so that’s where she started pushing. After about an hour of little progress, the midwives suggested that she move to the toilet for a few contractions. We went back and forth from toilet to birthing tub for a while. Still, Erin stayed so strong and powered through.

birth tub, midwife, support, labor
doula and mom in labor, natural beginnings birth center
mom being supported by birth team in birth tub
pushing in birth tub, birth center

Finally, we tried the birthing stool. That seemed to be exactly what Erin needed! Soon we could see baby Ezra’s head crowning and we were all so relieved that she was close! Ezra was born right there on the birthing stool and into his momma’s loving arms. It was incredible to hold Erin’s hand through all of this and watch as she welcomed her precious baby into the world!

baby boy born on birth stool, birth center

midwife, newborn baby, natural beginnings birth center

mom holding baby after birth

dad crying at birth of his son

dad looking at baby over mom's shoulder, birth center

mother and son, birth center

newborn baby looking at mom, unmedicated birth

newborn baby boy

After a few minutes, Erin, Zack, and Ezra moved to the bed for those sweet newborn snuggles.

dad cutting the cord, birth center

tiny baby fingers, birth center

father and son, birth center

father and son after birth

mom breastfeeding baby

family of three after birth, natural beginnings birth center

Dear DiPrima family, I’m so so happy for you! Even though this was over a year ago, I still look back on this day as a special one. Erin, you are amazing – you fought for the birth you wanted and you brought your sweet Ezra into the world so beautifully. I love you all!

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