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October 12, 2020

Jack Anderson’s Arrival | Wake Forest Baptist Hospital

I’m not quite sure where to start with this sweet family. I’ve had the honor of photographing so many seasons for them! First, I got to document the pregnancy, birth, and newborn session of their daughter, Eleanor. Then, I got to photograph their second pregnancy with their son, James, who couldn’t join us here on earth. Finally, they asked me to be a part of the birth of their rainbow baby, Jack (see his sweet newborn session HERE). I don’t know how to adequately express the joy it brings me to watch families grow and capture the beauty of their lives year after year.

sunset view, hospital view, hospital birth

hospital birth, mom and dad

wake forest baptist hospital, hospital birth

medicated birth, pitocin

When Lauren texted me at 37 weeks to tell me she was being induced, I was shocked! I was on-call for another birth at the time and wasn’t expecting to photograph this one first. But we were all so excited to meet sweet baby Jack! So we made the plan and I arrived after Lauren had been admitted and the induction had begun.

The emotions were high in the room as everyone just wanted baby Jack here and safe. Lauren’s mom, a midwife, joined them and helped take care of their daughter while waiting for baby boy.

family, hospital birth, hospital room

mom and dad, hospital birth

mom on phone, hospital birth

Lauren and James passed the time by watching some sweet videos of their daughter, Eleanor.

mom resting, hospital birth

hospital birth, mom and dad holding hands

Lauren and James have always been an amazing team, but to see them work together and be there for each other as they welcomed their baby boy was amazing. James was right by Lauren’s side, holding her hand and letting her cry when she needed to. Then, seemingly all of a sudden, it was time to push!

pushing, baby, hospital birth, wake forest baptist hospital

mom and dad kissing, hospital birth

Only a few short pushes and sweet baby Jack was here! He was tiny and perfect! James cut the cord and they admired their precious boy with huge smiles on their faces.

baby boy, newborn, hospital birth

dad cutting the cord, umbilical cord, hospital

mom and dad looking at newborn baby boy

mom and dad, baby hands, hospital

Jack needed a little help breathing so he was taken to the warmer. Thankfully, he never needed to leave the room and James stayed with him throughout the process.

father and son, hospital, warming station

newborn baby boy, wake forest baptist hospital

baby boy weight, hospital, newborn

newborn baby feet, hospital blanket

newborn baby boy looking at dad

dad smiling at baby boy in hospital

cardiologist dad checking newborn's heart rate

nurse, baby, mom, hospital

These three seriously melt my heart. James and Lauren were mesmerized by their boy and started making plans for their daughter to come meet him. These first moments together are so special and unlike anything else!

mom and dad, baby boy newborn, hospital

mom and dad looking at newborn baby in hospital

family of three in hospital bed

mom breastfeeding newborn in hospital bed

dad kissing newborn baby

taking photo of newborn baby boy in hospital

mom and dad admiring baby boy, wake forest baptist hospital

squishy newborn baby boy

newborn baby boy hair in hospital

newborn baby boy on hospital warmer

Once they were able to move to their postpartum room, I joined them and waited for Eleanor to arrive to meet her brother! I love getting to photograph siblings meeting for the first time!!

father and son, hospital blanket

baby boy in hospital blanket, swaddle

baby holding dad's finger, hospital birth

newborn baby boy in hospital bassinet

father and son

She was so excited and even wore her stethoscope (just like her cardiologist daddy). I have no words for the photos below:

big sister meets baby brother at hospital

family at hospital, wake forest baptist hospital

family of four at hospital

big sister, little brother, hospital birth

grandma meeting baby at hospital

family of four at hospital, newborn

baby boy in mom's arms, wake forest baptist hospital

Thank you, Smith family, for trusting me to capture so many precious moments in your life! I’m so happy I could be a part of your babies’ births!

To see more birth stories, click HERE. To inquire about having me document your birth, click HERE.

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