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April 23, 2018

Nixon’s Arrival | VBAC Birth Story

I don’t even know where to start with this birth story. This incredible momma labored for an entire weekend to accomplish her VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and I’m so honored to be the one who got to document it. Meanwhile, my family was trying to surprise me with a baby shower in Raleigh which made for a crazy weekend! I’m so glad the timing worked out for me to go to my shower AND capture little Nixon’s arrival.

Nicole’s due date came and went and we were all on the edge of our seat waiting to meet her sweet boy! Over a week and lots of prodromal labor later, I got a text that contractions were getting stronger. Baby was in a less-than-ideal position so the contractions weren’t getting into a consistent pattern. Nicole’s doula, Chelsea, sent her some exercises to try to move baby and she continued to labor at home.

After a full day of strong contractions, Nicole and Nick decided to head to the birth center to check on her progress. Nicole was only at 2cm and was sent home to keep laboring. She labored all night and into the morning – I’m still so inspired by her hard work.

The next morning, Nicole and Nick headed back to the birth center as things were picking up! Chelsea met them there and they worked all day to try and get baby in a good position. The midwives at Natural Beginnings were so kind to let them labor at the birth center even though they were birthing at the hospital. Eventually things slowed down again and the midwives sent Nicole home to get some rest. We had been so sure that baby would arrive that weekend, but he had other plans.

Early Monday morning, I got the call that I should head to the hospital – this was REALLY it! While I was heading there, Nicole’s water broke and she was at 5cm. I arrived at 6:30am to find Nicole and Nick working through each contraction as an amazing team. Nicole was clearly exhausted and contemplating pain medication. It had been such a long road to meet her baby but she is such an incredibly strong momma! Soon, Chelsea arrived and we were all hopeful that baby would be here soon.

Around 7:45am, Nicole decided to get Fentanyl to help with her pain. Shortly after they administered the IV medication, her contractions became stronger and she never felt the effects. Only about 15 minutes later, her midwife told her that she could start pushing! That was music to Nicole’s ears! She was about to have her VBAC – what an incredible moment!

After less than an hour of pushing, sweet baby Nixon made his much anticipated debut! He was finally here and Nicole had achieved her goal of a VBAC! I have no words for this moment!!

Nixon Jameson Tait | Born on Monday, February 12th, 2018 at 9:04am

6 lbs. 5 oz | 18.5 inches long

To top off this amazing day, I got to photograph their firstborn, Nathan, meeting his little brother for the first time! This family is so sweet and inspiring – what an honor it was to be a part of this birth day! Congratulations, Tait family!

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