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April 6, 2020

Virtual Doula Services | Lauren Jolly Photography

Hey, mommas! I’m too excited to start this blog post with any kind of intro so I’m just gonna jump right into it. I’m offering pay-what-you-can virtual doula services!

home birth, water birth, virtual doula services

These services are for anyone who has had to change their birth plans or is no longer allowed to have support at their birth. Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of serving three families as a doula and I completed my doula training this winter. Because this is virtual, I can offer it to anyone around the world, which is crazy exciting! So let’s dig into how this will work:

Pregnancy Support

Anxiety and emotions are high. I completely understand. I want to help you navigate your options during this time by offering virtual pregnancy support. This may just be someone to talk to. This may be me helping you find resources. I’d also love to help you plan for your birth by offering resources and tools you can use during labor.

hospital birth, mom and dad, virtual doula services

Labor Support

Many hospitals around the country are restricting who is allowed in the room with you while you’re giving birth. Because of these new restrictions, I know that many of you have had to forego doula or family support. I would love to fill that gap in whatever way I can. I understand that having someone on the phone with you while you’re in labor will NEVER replace an in-person doula. My goal is simply to offer support in the best way I know how during this time.

**If you had already hired a doula, please discuss this option with them first – they may be offering virtual support.**

hospital birth, family, baby boy, virtual doula services

Postpartum Support

I will be honest, I have less training and experience (other than my own personal experience) in postpartum support. But here is what I can do: I can offer some breastfeeding support, provide resources, and a listening ear during what may be a particularly isolating postpartum experience. If you’d like to talk through your birth experience, I would love to help you process that. I can also connect you with others who can offer more in-depth support for postpartum issues like breastfeeding, anxiety, and depression.

These calls can be video calls or just audio phone calls, whichever you prefer. I will be on-call for you just like a doula would be and am offering this as a pay-what-you-can option.

For more resources, options, and information, I’d love for you to join us on Facebook at The Virtual Birth Circle.

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