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January 2, 2020

2019 Birth Recap | North Carolina Birth Photographer

This year has definitely been one for the books. As a North Carolina birth photographer, I am so honored to serve local families by preserving these memories for them! Looking back each year before moving onto the next is so rewarding and makes me so so thankful.

So to each and every one of the families that has trusted me with these precious memories – THANK YOU! You are the reason I get to do this. Thank you doesn’t quite feel like enough, actually.

I wanted to post one image from each birth in 2019 as well as a recap of the birth itself. Enjoy this sweet little recap of how incredible this year has been:


Oscar: This momma was one of the most positive and excited laboring moms I’ve ever photographed. In between her contractions, she would say things like “this is so cool!” or make jokes with her husband. Baby Oscar was born into his mommas arms and was welcomed with huge smiles from both of his adoring parents. Read his full birth story HERE.

Seraphina: This birth was the first completely unmedicated hospital birth that I’ve documented. Megan was a rockstar and pushed through some very difficult moments to birth her sweet baby with the help of her doula. Read her full birth story HERE.


Jensen: This was my first repeat birth client! His big sister’s birth was my very first home birth and it was so amazing to be back with this family and their birth team to witness Jensen’s birth. Read his full birth story HERE.

William: My first doula client! It was such an honor to help Hannah through the birth of her second baby, her first son. Encouraging her, holding her hand, and creating space for her to make decisions that were best for her was something I’ll never forget. Full birth story HERE!


Nova: Another repeat birth client and again, such an honor! This momma had her second VBAC and rocked it! She gave birth to her precious girl standing up next to her hospital bed! I love that her midwife gave her the space to birth how she needed to. Full birth story coming soon!

Ezra: I got to be a doula for this amazing family and I’ll never forget it! Erin labored for 30+ hours to birth her baby boy and never waivered in her birth plan. It was so special to stand by her side and speak truths over her as she labored for much longer than anticipated. Full birth story coming soon!

Lucy: This was my third of four total repeat birth clients this year – I have no words! I love the sweet Hamby family and getting to photograph their second daughter’s birth was so amazing. Casey chose to have an unmedicated birth this time around and I’m so glad she was able to use the Wake Forest Baptist Birth Center! Full birth story coming soon!


Waverly: The way this family welcomed me into their birth story made me feel like we’d known each other for years! Samantha laughed through her contractions right up until the intensity of pushing. She and Andrew were an incredible team and I’m so glad I was there to document the birth of their (surprise!) daughter. Full birth story coming soon!

Jack: The final repeat birth client of 2019 and goodness was it special. This incredible family welcomed their rainbow baby into a peaceful and loving room. It’s been such a joy to get to know the Smith family over the past few years and I’m ecstatic that their boy is finally in their arms! Full birth story coming soon!

Aly: Getting to photograph the birth of the woman who photographed my birth is beyond special. There’s a bond that forms once you’ve been a witness to someone’s birth and to be able to return the gift is something I just don’t have words for! Cameron completely surrendered to her birth experience and welcomed her (surprise!) baby girl surrounded by family. Full birth story coming soon!

Simon: This beautiful family welcomed me into their birth space as they prepared to meet their baby boy. Heather was calm and so strong as she worked through contractions in the birth tub. I love the peacefulness of the birth center and I’m so happy I got to document this birth (there was a lot of fear of me not making it after two very fast labors for this momma). Full birth story coming soon!

Family of three admiring newborn baby boy at birth center.

I can’t describe how grateful I am for all of these amazing clients! 2019 was such an incredible year and I can’t wait for what 2020 holds!

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