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January 1, 2016

2016 and January Goals

2016 goals

Welcome to a new year! A fresh start. A clean slate. This is our year, friends! Doesn’t it just feel so good to say that out loud?! This is OUR year. All those things you want to do? You can do them! All those giant goals that seem crazy and scary and impossible? You can totally make them happen! As my friend, Lara, says – “There’s nothing magical about January 1st” – but since January 1st is here, we might as well look forward and embrace the clean slate, right?!

So that’s just what I’m doing: embracing this clean slate. I’ve been thinking about my 2016 goals for a few weeks now and I’ve narrowed them down to a short but exciting list of personal and business goals!

– Read through the whole Bible with this plan

– Find and become a member of a local church

– Read more (general, I know, but with a baby that’s the best I can do!)

– Cook twice a week 

– Have more intentional/educational play time with Finn

– Simplify and De-clutter the house

– Take weekends off from social media (when I’m not working)

– Plan a big trip with Vaughan & Finn (preferably out of the country)

– Throw a party for Vaughan’s 30th birthday (April 1) and Finn’s 1st birthday (May 21)

– Pay off my student loans (this one was really hard to write down because I’m not sure if it’ll happen)

– Put together an “on-call” plan for photographing births (1 booked!!)

– Photograph 7-12 weddings (7 booked, my goal is 12)

– Re-brand and launch a new site (woohoo!)

– Create a workflow for my client experience from the first email to the thank you card

– Announce an exciting new secret project

– Launch an LJP newsletter (sign up in the sidebar!)

– Start shooting film with clients

2016 goals

I’m so excited for all that’s in store for 2016. And if the next year is half as good as the last, I’ll be a happy girl! Now, since some of these goals are big and scary, I’ll need to start with small baby steps to be able to make them happen. That’s where my monthly goals come in. I used to post goals every month and quit at some point but I’m excited to pick it back up! If I don’t have a vision of where I want to go, I’ll never get there. I encourage you to think about your big goals and break them down into smaller, “bite-sized” goals. I’m hoping that by doing this, my yearly goals won’t seem so daunting.

– Create an outline for newsletter content

– Decide on a web designer and book a launch date

– Reach out to back-up photographers/babysitters for photographing births

– Start researching for a family trip 

– Start my Bible reading plan TODAY!

– Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People as part of Nancy Ray‘s book club (To join, find more info HERE)

– Complete the Whole30 program

– Find new recipes that excite me and cook twice a week

– Start teaching Finn sign language (3 words to focus on – “more” “thank you” and “please”)

– Pare down my wardrobe and donate/sell clothes I don’t wear anymore

– Shoot one roll of film per session

2016 goals

Alright, now it’s your turn! What are some of your biggest goals for 2016? Post them (or a link to your blog post) in the comments so I can cheer you on! I hope you’re as excited for this year as I am!

Happy first Friday of 2016!


  1. Love following your blog, Lauren! I’m so excited to see your new brand! I just shared my goals for the first time and am hoping to keep it up monthly:

    P.S. My name was Kelsey Finn before I got married, and I often miss it! Finn is a great name. :)

  2. Amy says:

    That camera is so adorable! You have some really great goals but I especially love the shoot more film one! Good luck and God bless!

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks, Amy! My father-in-law made it for my son! Do you shoot film? I’m so excited to start shooting more and hopefully incorporating it into my clients’ sessions! Thanks for reading the blog!

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