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September 10, 2019

Baby Whitaker’s Arrival | Forsyth Medical Center Birth

Forsyth Medical Center. I first met with Megan at her home when she was newly pregnant. I got to meet her little boy, talk about her first birth, and get to know her birth plan. Meeting with potential clients is so important to me. I want to be a comfort to you during your labor, not a stranger.

Early Labor

The week leading up to Megan’s due date, Susanna (of La Bella Birth & Baby) and I started getting texts that contractions were starting. I had just photographed another birth that weekend. Thankfully I got through it before I got the call that Megan and her husband were heading to the hospital! Susanna and I beat them there and started worrying about whether she was going to make it before baby arrived!

Once she made it upstairs to triage, her OB checked her and confirmed that she was 6cm dilated. She would be having her baby soon! She quickly moved to a room and I was allowed to come back. It was obvious that Megan was in active labor and working hard through each contraction!

It’s always amazing to watch as partners step up to support women in labor. Even better is when I get to see moms who are fully supported by an amazing team. Susanna was so kind and helped Megan work through the toughest part of her labor. She also advocated for Megan to be able to push in different positions. Just a quick side note: I don’t think you’ll ever regret hiring a doula!

Active Labor

After a while on the bed, Megan decided that standing up may feel better. She leaned on the side of the bed and worked through her contractions. She was definitely in transition and eventually started to feel the urge to push. Her nurse and doula helped her up on to the bed to figure out which position felt best for pushing. She tried using the squat bar but ended up feeling better sitting back. After just a few minutes of pushing, their sweet baby girl was born!

Megan worked so hard to meet her precious baby and it was so beautiful to witness! She had doubts surfacing from her first labor and fears that she wouldn’t be strong enough to do it again. But through it all, she pushed through and found a new strength in herself.

Megan & Jack, I’m so happy that your beautiful girl is in your arms! You have a gorgeous family! I’m honored to have been invited into your birth space to document this magical time in your life. Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories.

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  1. Megan says:

    Lauren, I love this, I had no idea it would be recapped on the blog. I feel like I just relived that amazing/crazy/painful night! You are an amazing photographer ❤️

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