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October 23, 2020

Aly June’s Arrival | Charlotte hospital birth

mom, dad, and baby in hospital

I feel like I need to start at the beginning to tell the full story here. In early 2019, I got a text from Cameron that said she had a birth inquiry to pass along to me because she couldn’t do it. I said, “ok, send me their info!” and she quickly sent me a photo of she and her husband in tears holding a pregnancy test. I immediately started crying and was in complete shock! I didn’t see it coming AT ALL! Not only was my dear friend (who photographed Rory’s birth) having a baby, but I was going to get to be there to photograph the magic!

Fast forward to October. There was a lot of speculation about Cameron having her (surprise gender) baby early because her belly looked so big on her small frame. So we waited on edge, expecting to meet Baby Fulginiti sooner rather than later. But that sweet babe wanted to take his/her time and labor didn’t start until the day after her due date.

Early/Active Labor

I got the text that evening that labor had started and she was planning to stay home as long as possible. Cameron’s twin sister and doula, Brooke, had been staying with them, waiting on baby, so I knew she was in good hands. I went to bed anxiously awaiting the phone call. Brooke called me a few hours later and said they were thinking of heading to the hospital. I hopped out of bed, changed, grabbed my stuff, and started the 1.5 hour drive.

These drives are always so nerve-wracking. I was stressed that I wouldn’t make it in time and getting a text that Cameron was EIGHT centimeters made my heart start pounding. I could not miss this birth!! Brooke was confident that I’d make it and that helped me get through the rest of the drive.

I finally arrived and texted that I was “coming up.” Brooke texted back “9.5” and I wish someone had seen the look on my face! None of us expected her labor to happen this quickly and we just could NOT wait to meet this angel baby!

A nurse found me wandering on the Labor & Delivery floor and showed me to her room (Room 214 – the date they found out they were having a baby!) and I nervously asked “has she had the baby yet?!” The nurse smiled and said “no, you’re just in time!” – What a relief! I quietly walked into a joyful room filled with twinkle lights and photos and people who deeply loved Cameron, Sam, and their little one. There was such a special feeling in that room and I was honored to be a part of it.

laboring mom on peanut ball

family with laboring mom in hospital

dad supporting mom in labor

candles and photos during labor, birth room

Charlotte hospital birth

sister and dad supporting mom in labor

mom and dad during labor

Soon, Cam wanted to get up and moving. She swayed back and forth with Sam as worship music filled the room. The way her husband and sisters lifted her up (physically and emotionally) and supported her through labor was so beautiful.

mom leaning on dad in hospital birth

laboring mom in Charlotte hospital

Next, Cam moved to the birth ball as things intensified. She was SO close but wasn’t yet feeling the urge to push. I love that her midwife trusted her to know when it was time – there was no rush, this baby would be here in his/her perfect time.

mom in labor, unmedicated hospital birth

mom in labor at Charlotte hospital

mom having a contraction, hospital birth

laboring mom, Charlotte hospital birth

To be honest, I don’t remember the details of exactly what was happening from here on out. I just remember being in awe of this warrior momma. She moved when her body needed to move. She yelled out when she needed to vocalize. She relied on her support team when it felt right. Birth is so beautiful when left untouched.

sister and doula supporting mom

mom leaning on dad during labor

dad kissing mom during labor

woman having a contraction during labor

pregnant woman in labor at hospital

tired woman during labor at Charlotte hospital

mom in labor being supported

Charlotte hospital birth

mom focusing on labor

woman with praise hands during labor

Finally, it was time to push. She tried pushing on hands and knees but it didn’t feel quite right. She moved to a side-lying position and soon her sweet baby was in her arms. This moment will forever be etched into my mind.

contracting belly during labor at hospital

dad and mom talking during labor

mom meeting baby girl, hospital birth

mom and dad smiling, newborn baby, hospital birth

sister smiling when baby is born

Charlotte hospital birth, mom crying when meeting baby

mom and baby in hospital

mom smiling, baby girl in hospital


Aly June Fulginiti | Born October 23, 2019 at 4:23am | 9 lbs 1 oz

dad cutting umbilical cord, hospital birth

Charlotte hospital birth

mother and daughter, newborn baby, hospital birth

family surrounding mom after baby is born

mom holding dad's face, baby born in hospital

sister kissing baby girl, hospital birth

sister supporting mom after birth

baby girl looking at camera, newborn baby

dad and grandma crying after baby is born

three generations, hospital birth

mother and daughter, Charlotte hospital birth

father daughter, hospital birth

newborn baby, hospital birth

newborn exam, hospital birth

mother breastfeeding baby, hospital birth

mother and daughter after birth in hospital

father and daughter skin to skin

family of three after birth, Charlotte hospital birth

Dearest Fulginiti family, it will forever be such an honor that I was welcomed into your birth space. I will never forget this day and I’m so glad I could capture all of the magic! Aly is turning one today (where did the time go?!) and it’s only the beginning of the magic! Love you all!

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