One Month Off of Social Media

You read that right: I’ve decided to take the month of June off of social media. That means ALL social media, not just my personal pages. I’ve decided to take a break and I hope that you’ll connect with me in other ways!

So, here are the questions I want to answer in this blog post: Why am I doing this? Why a month? Why a break from my business page, too? How can you keep in touch?

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Why am I doing this?

The short answer: I need a break from trying to do “all the things.”

The long answer: I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed lately. It’s hard work to run a business while taking care of my child and my marriage and my home. I’ve been impatient with my family and I’ve been too consumed with trying to market and post and keep up with the latest way to reach people. I found myself looking back on my days and realizing that I’d just “survived” the day with my boy instead of truly enjoying it.

Yes, my business is important to me – I truly LOVE my work and I’m so grateful to my clients for allowing me to pursue my dream. But no matter what, my family will always come first. My son just turned TWO. TWO! Every day I realize how quickly his childhood is going to pass and I refuse to not be present for it.

So social media was the first thing to go. There’s still lots to do around here, but this is one easy way to lighten my load.

Why a whole month?

The short answer: It just felt right.

The long answer: I guess I wanted to challenge myself. When I first had the idea to give up social media, a month just felt like the right amount of time. It seems like enough time to rid me of my habit of opening Instagram first thing in the morning, but not too long that it was unattainable. I felt like my business would be okay if I took a month off. I also felt like if this was something I decided to do a couple times a year, a month (as opposed to 6) would work well.

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(Photo by Elizabeth of Nancy Ray Photography)

Why a break from my business pages, too?

This one is easy to answer: Simply because I knew I’d be tempted to check my personal page if I checked my business page. That’s it. I know myself and I know that if I’m on Facebook, I’ll click over to that newsfeed and start the mindless scroll. I also liked the idea of challenging myself in the marketing department and not relying on social media to reach all of my clients.

But, I will say that I’ve scheduled posts for my Facebook page so I won’t be completely silent all month long!

How can you keep in touch with me?

The short answer: Sign up HERE for my newsletter and keep checking the blog!

The long answer: I’ll be sending out a weekly email to my newsletter subscribers to talk a bit about how it’s going and what I’m learning. These won’t be long (creating more work for myself would sort of defeat the purpose of taking a break, wouldn’t it?) but I hope they’ll be helpful for anyone else who may feel that they need room to breathe.



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