Maybe you’ve heard how chiropractic care can help you with back pain. Maybe you’ve even heard that it can be beneficial to your immune system. Both of those things are true. But did you also know that it can be an amazing way to prepare your body for birth? After birth, it can get your […]

mom and dad admiring baby girl

Photographing two births within one family’s story is always something special! But getting to photograph them only 15 months apart is extra special! When Nicole told me they were expecting their third baby, I have to admit I was surprised (but so excited, of course)! Now that Nova is here, I can’t imagine their family […]

mom dad baby girl, hospital, family, newborn

This unmedicated hospital birth was just so much fun to be a part of. Samantha and Andrew’s family was all there and the room was full of laughter and excitement as they prepared to welcome their surprise baby! Active Labor When I got to the hospital, the room was full of smiling faces and Samantha […]

Two words: VIRTUAL. SESSIONS. Raise your hand if you’re missing seeing your friends and family. Now raise your hand if you’re missing your favorite brunch spot. And finally, raise your hand if you’re missing tiny things you took for granted, like going to the grocery store without having to first locate your face mask, gloves, […]